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An emotional journey. A character's inner monologue.

This is my first game ever. So apologies for the mistakes.
I made it up for the Solo journaling RPG jam and a couple more jams.

It's a narrative (journaling) game, as much as it is a tool to create a character’s emotional backstory, his/her/its personality. Or… it can be as well a sort of meditation on your own past and future life through the present moment.

What is this and what is it useful for?

This solo game is also a resource for creating/telling stories and it can be used to inspire you, meditate about your past or that of a character or another person (real or ficticious) whose backstory you want to imagine, make up or figure out.

It can be used as a one-shot or on successive sessions, to link and build a lifetime of memories, thoughts and emotions, not only referred to the past, but also to the present and the future as well. 

The protagonist of this emotional journey is a character in a story to whom you want to discover the emotional background and personality. 

You want to surface her character or forge it for her, in the case it wasn't obvious; briefly, to behold everything that has made (will make) her who she is, what determines his behaviour and the way he acts and thinks, shaped by his past and present, as well as conditioned by his perception of the future.

You can also be yourself the character, be the protagonist of your own story, in a kind of meditative review of what has brought you up to this moment, including what you expect (or not) from the future.

Short and to-the-point explanation of the mechanism 

Roll on the three tables Evocation (Emotional Journey), Context, and Moment in time and create a memory, an evocation of the past, or a premonition, an omen of something future. From there, roll on the Evocation (Emotional journey) table and follow the instructions, to roll on one or several of the different tables

Let the story itself or the awakening character to guide you and lead you by the hand.  
Link the new memory or premonition to the previous one, so that the emotional journey has coherence. 

Or don't do any of the above and follow your own rules: it's you who plays, after all.


It still needs some more playtesting to improve it and polish it. I will be upgrading it frequently with my own experience playing it and with the feedback of the players. I must correct the margins and legibility; feel free to offer your comments.

In addition, I will upload very soon the Spanish original version and a detailed example of use of both the playing result and the podcast narrated and recorded by me of the final text created from the play example. In Spanish, though.

Visit my page Solo Historias for more information about how I use this and other creators' games to seed and write stories. Follow me on the social media to get ib touch with me.

Adapt it and create your own version or improve mine with your contributions

I will continue developing this game and system, since I use it to create my own stories.
Feel free to contribute any comment, improvement or criticism.

Or create your own version, if you prefer. 

It is released under the CC 4.0 license, which gives you full freedom to create your own version and distribute it for free or for a price, but you should refer to this system and link to this page, so that it can help inspire other potential authors to continue contributing their ideas and their own versions to the community.

Background image: painting by 
@miguel_angel_soto, my brother


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Im realy recomend this one for:

a)Intresting aproach to character creation. Focusing on max 4 detailed memories helps decribe your character much more than non detailed long history.

b) just for fun. I personaly love just creating stories. 

I pesonaly folow rules of this game very lightly but i love how its help set direction. 


Thank you very much, @janeer127. That’s the idea, to adapt it to your own needs. I created some prompts suited to what I was needing at the time. Maybe for future writings, I will adapt the system to have other prompts.